How much money can you make by Selling AVON?

How much money you make as an AVON Representative depends highly on several factors, and the great thing about AVON is that you can choose to run your business however and whenever you want to! Do you want to sell AVON casually just to close friends and family? Part-Time? Full-Time? It’s really up to you to decided how much time you want to invest into building up your business, but your sales will generally reflect how much you are working on building it up. Face-to-Face Direct Selling (AVON’s original Business Model) generally produces quicker results than building up online presence in the form of Social Media, Blogs and sharing your E-Store information with everyone you know (Online Network Marketing is also called Social Selling, and AVON realizes the value of Social Selling). It is helpful to look at the Earnings Chart when you are working out your Business Plan  and setting goals for yourself.

                                                         AVON Earnings Chart

       $0 – $49.99      0%                       

            $50 – $149.99     20%                             

                 $150 – $294.99     30%                                     

          $295 – $439.99     35%                               

            $440 – $924.99     40%                                

   $925 – $1574.99     45%                        

              $1575+                  50%                              

Last year, AVON introduced the new Kick Start Program for New Representatives. This Program helps new representatives create an action plan for their business right from the start!! Click HERE to look at the Kick Start Flyer. The focus of the Kick Start Program is to build up both your Sales AND your Team simultaneously, as that will help you reach higher ranks as a Representative and you will earn BONUS money as you reach those higher ranks!

Ready to take a look at AVON’s Starter Kits? We have 3 Starter Kits to choose from:

While you are at it, why don’t you check out My AVON Story and see why I began my AVON Business and what my goals are for 2017!

Ready to Get Started Selling AVON today?? Just go to to become an AVON Representative in as little as 15 minutes!!!


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