Sell AVON ~ Become an AVON Representative in Arizona

Are you a Beauty Lover?

Are you a Stay at Home Mom?




AVON wants YOU to Become an AVON Beauty Boss in Arizona Today!!! Sign up as an AVON Representative and start your own AVON Business in a matter of minutes!! Work as much or as little as you want!! With AVON, you call the shots… there is no requirement to keep inventory or do Home Parties. We do not require you to meet sales quotas for you to submit orders or receive your Earnings!

AVON  has been around for 131 years!! In March, 2016 AVON USA was acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, a private investment firm in NYC. AVON USA then became NEW AVON, LLC. With this change in ownership, we are excited about great changes such as higher earnings, expanding our product line and amazing incentives for Representatives!

Sign up to Sell AVON in Arizona and enjoy up to 40% earnings on everything!!! With the new Kickstart Program, you can earn $1,010 in your first 90 days just by working your business!!!


Begin YOUR Beautiful Journey with AVON TODAY… Get Started by Clicking HERE!

When you Sign Up to be an AVON Representative in Arizona,

  • You get to choose from Choose from 3 Starter Kits: The Quick Starter Kit is $25, The Advanced Starter Kit is $50, and the Premium Starter Kit is $100.
  • You get a FREE Website (AVON E-Store) immediately upon enrollment so your customers can begin shopping with you right away and you can start earning on Day 1.. before your Kit even arrives!!!
  • You receive FREE Training through AVON University: built into your AVON Representative Office (, work through training courses at your own pace and receive Certificates once you pass each one!
  • Receive Mentoring through your Team Leader, Jennifer Julian.
  • Attend Sales Meetings (not mandatory) to connect with other Reps in the area, learn more about new products and incentives, try new products, earn prizes and receive recognition!!

Have more questions about Becoming an AVON Representative? Contact me today:

Looking to Shop AVON Online with an AVON Representative? CLICK HERE!

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