AVON Premium Starter Kit


So you want to join AVON but don’t know which Starter Kit to choose? You’ve come to the right place!! The AVON Premium Starter Kit is only $25 and is valued at over $80! Your purchase of the AVON Premium Starter Kit is shipped to you for FREE.

What’s Included in the Premium Starter Kit?

This kit includes everything from the AVON Quick Starter Kit and the AVON Advanced Starter Kit PLUS 6 more FULL SIZE Products 20 extra Brochures, and 40 extra Samples so you can jump right into your new AVON Business full throttle in your first 2 Campaigns! This is the PERFECT choice for someone who wants to become a TOP SELLER in AVON. The Daily Care Flyer is only valid for New Representatives, and only during the FIRST 3 CAMPAIGNS. With the Full Size Products included in the Quick Starter Kit, you can either share them with family and friends to reach potential customers or you may decide to sell them at full price. I suggest sharing the Daily Care Flyer with EVERYONE you come in contact with during your first 3 Campaigns. Each Campaign runs on a 2 week selling cycle, so the Flyer is good for a total of 6 weeks! A good goal to start is to aim to sell 10 of the Daily Care Bundles. If you were to achieve this goal within 1 Campaign, you would receive 30% Earnings… that’s over $50! Not too shabby for just starting out, huh?

Ready to Sign up to SELL AVON today? Click the link below to Sign Up Online and Join Team Ambitious Beauty Bosses!


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