What are Fragrance Families?

Fragrance Families are a classification system that is used by perfume companies to help customers determine what types of fragrances they like. Most people only like one or two fragrance families. The standard in the fragrance industry is to divide perfumes into 4 types: Floral, Oriental, Woody & Fresh. AVON has broken up their fragrances into 5 Categories: Floral, Fresh, Woody/Earthy, Fruity/Sweet, and Warm/Spicy. But what do those types actually mean? Without a description, much is left to the imagination, right? Below, you will find what AVON’s Fragrance Families are truly like.

Floral scents are petally, powdery and colorful. They can be blends or single floral notes.

Our Floral Family consists of: Rare Pearls (for Her), Today Tomorrow Always (for Her), Haiku Kyoto Flower (for Her), Rare Gold (for Her), AVON Femme (for Her), Wild Country (for Him), and Today Tomorrow Always Daydream (for Her).

Fresh scents are sparkling, effervescent and crisp. They tend to be uplifting and clean.

Our Fresh Family consists of: Haiku (for Her), AVON Exploration (for Him), Musk+ Marine (for Him), Black Suede (for Him), Ultra Sexy Pink (for Her), Today Tomorrow Always Amour (for Her), AVON Attraction (for Him and for Her).

Woody/Earthy scents are dry, smoky and mossy. They have base notes of bark and wood.

Our Woody/Earthy Family consists of: Imari Seduction (for Her), AVON Passion (for Her), Black Suede Sport (for Him), Black Suede Essential (for Him), and AVON Alpha (for Him).

Fruity/Sweet scents are mouthwatering and vibrant. They can be tart or dessert-like.

Our Fruity/Sweet Family consists of: Imari Elixir (for Her), Far Away Infinity (for Her), Ultra Sexy Heart (for Her), Rare Amethyst (for Her), Mesmerize Black (for Him), AVON Luck La Vie (for Her), AVON Luck (for Him and for Her), So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara (for Her).

Warm/Spicy scents are exotic, opulent, and rich. They can be velvety and cream blends.

Our Warm/Spicy Family consists of: Little Black Dress (for Her), Little Red Dress (for Her), Far Away Gold (for Her), Far Away (for Her), Imari (for Her), Musk+ Storm (for Him), Musk+ Fire (for Him), Mesmerize (for Him), AVON Prima (for Her), Ultra Sexy Lace (for Her).

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