Discontinued AVON Products ~ Campaign 1, 2017

Here are the Products that are Discontinued as of Campaign 1, 2017, along with their suggested replacements:



To replace Shimmering Body Powders: Try Fragrance Shower Gels, Fragrance Body Lotion and Skin Softener, Fragrance Sprays.

To replace Ultra Luxury Liners (Brow, Eye and Lip): Try any of our Glimmersticks.

To replace Lip Balms (Flavor Savers and Dew Kiss): Try Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm or AVON True Color Lip Balm.

To replace All AVON Elements Collections: Try our NEW NutraEffects Collection.

To replace All AVON Naturals Kids Collections: Browse the AVON Living Magalog online where you can find kids’ products, apparel, accessories, toys and room decor!

To replace the ANEW Men Collection: Try ANEW Skinvincible – It’s fragrance-free and the Day Lotion provides SPF 50!

To replace Extra Lasting Lip Stain + Balm: Try Extra Lasting Lipsticks & Extra Lasting Lip Glosses.

To replace Mini Moisture Therapy Hand Creams: Go for the Full-Size Moisture Therapy Hand Creams – they last longer and are still small enough to fit into your purse!

To replace AVON Senses Limited Edition Collections (Summer Strawberry & Guava and Vibrant Orchid & Blueberry): Check out our year-round AVON Senses Scents!


As always, you can shop everything that we have to offer on my E-Store: www.youravon.com/jjulian



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