What are the Benefits of Shopping AVON Representative?

  1. You get your own Dedicated Representative: Think of it as getting a “personalized shopper” with custom service and specialized beauty advice. Ask me about a Skincare Consultation so we can find the perfect daily regimen tailored to meet YOUR specific needs!
  2. Enjoy Pre-Sales: Take advantage of special product launches before they’re available to the general public. Simply register as my customer online to take advantage of this awesome little perk!!
  3. Free Representative Delivery: If you live within a 5 mile radius of my home, I can deliver your order to you! Simply choose “Representative Delivery” at checkout on my AVON E-Store. I will contact you for payment so I can process your order on my order day. I will let you know at that time when you can expect your order.
  4. You’re Supporting a Dream: When you shop with a Representative, you’re shopping with a friend, and encouraging an entrepreneur. I am a mom of 2 children with Special Needs, and as such I cannot work outside my home at a traditional job. AVON helps me support my family from home and on-the-go. I love the freedom that AVON gives me to work whenever I am able to and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for moms just like me by helping me socialize with those in my local community to promote my business!

I absolutely LOVE being an AVON Representative. Let me help you find what you need at a GREAT price!!


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