Fragrance Tips

DO Keep fragrance away from extreme heat or cold.

DON’T leave opened fragrance unused. Once opened, fragrance will begin to fade over time.

DO apply directly to skin, focusing on pulse points (Behind the ears, base of the throat, inside wrists, inside elbows and behind the knees). Allow your body heat to develop the fragrance for a true impression.

DON’T spray too close to the skin! To avoid dripping or a too heavy application, spray from 6 or 7 inches away.

DO create a wardrobe of fragrance for different seasons or occasions, or just to match your mood.

DON’T forget to spritz your clothes and hair, which will hold your fragrance long after application.

DO layer your favorite perfume with a matching Body Lotion and Body Wash/Shower Gel so the scent will last all day long.

DON’T rub the fragrance into your skin. This breaks down its molecules, diminishing the scent.

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