Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Shop for AVON Products Online? You can shop online by visiting my Online Store (E-Store) at:

Can I browse a current brochure online if I don’t have a current Representative and don’t have a brochure? Absolutely!!! Just go to my E-Store, click on “Brochure” at the top left corner of the screen and you will be directed to a page with all of AVON’s current brochures!

How do I sign up Online as your customer? When you go to my E-Store, you will notice that at the top left of the screen it says “Sign In”. Click this link and then click on “Create an Account”. Be sure to subscribe to emails to get exclusive Online Specials as they become available and to find out about new products as we release them!

I have an AVON Brochure, but it’s a few Campaigns old.. Can I still order from it? You can back order 2 Campaigns prior to the current one! Example ~ If we are in Campaign 10 currently, you can order from Campaigns 8 and 9! Back ordering can be done through a Representative or through the E-Store: click on “Product #” for a fast, easy way to search and back order from prior Campaigns. Just make sure you select the correct Campaign Number before entering the product number on each line. When you are done entering all the products you’d like to order, click on “Add to Bag” and proceed to Checkout.

How can I become an AVON Representative? Signing up is quick and easy! Just go to Become a representative in as little as 15 minutes for as low as $25!!


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